High Stable
Peptidomimetic development

Based on high-throughput peptidomimetic rapid development technology, PepDomTM helps customers achieve the best results in a shorter time.

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Peptidomimetic Development Service

Advanced technology facilitates the rapid development of peptidomimetics for various targets and special effects.

Peptidomimetic Drug Screening Service

Establish a high-capacity peptidomimetic library, and conduct drug screening for diseases in various fields to obtain the best therapeutic effect.

Peptidomimetic Modification Service

Featured peptidomimetic biotinylation and other modification services help your target drug show better in vivo half-life.

Peptidomimetic-based Reagent Development Service

Utilize our technology platform to develop more effective peptidomimetic reagents for detection and diagnosis.

What is PepDomTM?

PepDomTM is a professional technology platform that will use it's unique technology to assist in the rapid development and screening of customer's target peptidomimetics.

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About Us

CD BioSciences has grown into one of the world's largest independent biotechnology companies, connecting millions of researchers and partners around the world. Based on our high-throughput peptidomimetic development platform (PepDomTM), we are committed to providing universities, research institutes, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of high-stability peptidomimetic products and comprehensive services to advance basic science and drug development.

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The development of peptidomimetic will bring more possibilities to the world.

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